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About Us


DCMI is a real estate due diligence consulting firm specializing in the comprehensive assessment of existing and new real estate.   

DCMI was established to provide due diligence consulting that outperforms our competitors.  In order to accomplish that objective, we focus on providing our clients the fundamental principles of value and service.   We create value by utilizing our unmatched knowledge and results-oriented methodologies on every project.   We are committed to providing unparalleled real estate due diligence consulting services to our clients.  We pledge to build lasting relationships through quality performance, responsive service and reasonable pricing.  This pledge applies to every project – commercial, multi-family residential, single family residential or land development.  That is our service.   


DCMI’s professionals possess extensive real estate development and construction finance expertise.  The services we provide helps our clients manage the construction lending process, and most importantly, prevent costly lending and investment errors. By utilizing DCMI’s wide-ranging due diligence methods, our clients are assured their real estate lending and investment decisions will be well informed, factually based, and positioned for success.  Our experienced construction professionals also possess the diverse technical and managerial skills needed to effectively represent lender's or investor's best interests during the construction process.   


DCMI is owned and managed by Valerie Riccardi.  Heather Compy is our Vice President of Operations; she manages human resources and accounting for DCMI.  There are three departments within the business – engineering, construction monitoring, and construction management.   


The engineering department supports our property condition, environmental and detailed cost analysis products.  Beverley Conner, Larry Keller, Matthew Johnson, and Roger Naylor are the key professionals of this division. 


The construction monitoring department supports our progress monitoring products.  DCMI performs land development, commercial, multi-family residential, and single-family residential progress monitoring inspections throughout the Mid-Atlantic region – Virginia, Maryland, DC, West Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, and some parts of Pennsylvania.   


Lynn Plombon manages the construction monitoring department.  Our inspectors are qualified construction professionals with wide-ranging specialties derived from their professional experiences.  


The construction management department is primarily supported by Valerie Riccardi.  This work typically involves real estate work-out and specialized consulting services for problematic construction and development projects.  

Community Outreach


DCMI proudly supports the following organizations and associations.

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