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Environmental quality is critical for profitable transactions.

As Federal and state regulators have increased their scrutiny of commercial and residential loans, the importance of verifying the environmental quality of a site or building is increasingly more critical to successful and profitable real estate transactions. DCMI’s environmental services have been developed to meet your specific project requirements and are performed in accordance with ASTM standards.


The purpose of an environmental assessment is to identify and evaluate recognized environmental conditions at the subject property and at surrounding properties that may pose potential impacts to human health and the environment. All Environmental Site Assessment services are performed in accordance with United States EPA, SBA, and ASTM standards and protocols.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment


The Phase I ESA is the only environmental due diligence tool available that will satisfy the US Environmental Protection Agency’s [US EPA] CERCLA requirements for an All Appropriate Inquiry. During DCMI’s evaluation our experienced environmental professionals identify and document past and present on-site activities that may have resulted in potential impacts to the environment. This assessment does not include deconstructive testing.

Transaction Screen Assessment


The purpose of this assessment is to define good commercial and customary practice in the United States for conducting a transaction screen for a parcel of commercial real estate where the user wishes to conduct limited environmental due diligence that is less than a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. As part of this assessment DCMI performs a site assessment to observe any environmental quality concerns, reviews the relevant database information to determine if the subject or adjoining or surrounding properties have been adversely affected by environmental contamination, and summarizes our findings, opinions, and conclusions in a report that is prepared in conformance with the ASTM standard.


Environmental Risk Assessment


This service includes an extensive environmental database search and examination of the listings. DCMI opines on the risk to the lender and borrower based on historic and present use. This method is a cost-effective solution for smaller commercial projects located in retail and office zoning districts. 

Please click here to request a proposal for an Environmental Assessment. 

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