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Our clients are well informed of the "warts".

When you are considering financing or investing in an existing property, it is essential to obtain a thorough assessment of the property’s condition. There is nothing worse than when a developer or investor purchases a property only to find out shortly thereafter that the roof system is deficient or there are structural issues that must be addressed prior to use. By utilizing the Property and Building Condition Survey method, our clients are well informed of the “warts.”


DCMI is pleased to offer three [3] approaches to the Property Condition Survey. Each method has been designed to assist our clients with their targeted level of due diligence. Our surveys are performed in accordance with the ASTM 2018-15 Standard which is the industry baseline approach to assessing real estate.




Thorough property investigation includes original construction and subsequent permits, zoning compliance, and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. Followed by a physical assessment of the structural and core site, exterior and interior systems with an estimation of the remaining useful life of each relevant system, and cost to replace/rehabilitate upon expiration via a ten-year Capital Expenditures. Critical and code deficiencies are also identified during this comprehensive property analysis.




Physical inspection of structural and core operating systems [site, exterior and interior] including mechanical equipment for critical and code deficiencies with an estimated cost to remedy.


Commercial Property Inspection


Physical inspection of the structural systems [e.g., foundation and slab, roof] for critical and code deficiencies with an estimated cost to remedy.

Please click here to request a proposal for a Property Condition Survey. 

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